About Us

Hi! My name is Kristin, and I am the owner of Jackson & Co.! Currently, I live in Orlando, FL where Jackson & Co. operates! I am a huge Disney & Universal fan, so living in Central Florida is a dream come true! I earned my bachelors degree in Science from Middle Tennessee State University, and recently my masters degree in Healthcare Administration from The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences! I am a wife to my husband Brandon, and a dog mom to Sadie, Gracie & Khloe!

Although my degrees are in specific fields, I have always wanted to have something to call my own, and in 2023, Jackson & Co. was born! Jackson has a double meaning for me, it is my married last name but also the name of my hometown in Tennessee. It is such a special word to me, and fit perfectly when creating the name for my small business!

I have had so much fun over the past few months learning embroidery and coming up with designs that best represent my branding! Growing up, my parents had their very own embroidery business, and I knew that was the direction I wanted to go when creating something of my own. I have always considered myself a creative, and embroidery has provided the perfect outlet to create designs and a product that I love so much, and I hope that you do too!

I cannot wait to see how the future unfolds for Jackson & Co.!